Diving Deeper Into Kinship Navigation

Answering your urgent questions

We’re Here to Help You Reach Your Goals

As a family formed through Kinship, you’re likely to have some questions and concerns about opportunities for emotional, financial, legal, and community support. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to help walk with you and guide you to the connections you and your family need to build a brighter future.

We’ll Meet You Where You Are

And help you get to where you want to be

Kinship Navigator Services

Passionate mentors to help support you and your family

When you join our Kinship Navigation program, if needed, you’ll be paired with one of our passionate Kinship Navigators. Bringing a variety of strengths and experiences to the table, our Kinship Navigation team acts as an ongoing support system, both now and in the future, to help support you and your family.


Are you looking to join our Kinship Navigation community? To be eligible you must meet the following requirements:

  • Resident of Nebraska
  • Family formed through kinship care outside of the child welfare system
  • Have children under the age of 19

Kinship Navigation Resources

Stay informed every step of the way

Our comprehensive Kinship Navigation resources are here to help educate you and support you in your journey.

Kinship Navigation Resources


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The Support Kinship Caregivers Need

We’re here to help

Each family is unique in its own way, and that’s true for Kinship Care families, too! Our team of dedicated staff works to answer your questions and provide you with the connections to community support and resources that you need to succeed. As a voluntary service, Kinship Navigation is here to help in whatever capacity you need.

Connecting You to the Support You Need Most

As a member of our Kinship Navigation Community, you’ll have access to connections for community support, educational resources, legal advice, and, in some cases, financial assistance. For many families, there is relief in knowing there is someone out there you can trust for help. Let our team be that support system you’ve been searching for.

Ongoing Support for Your Family

When you join the Kinship Navigation Community, you get instant access to a supportive network that you can rely on now and in the future. While our programs last on average 3-6 months, families are encouraged to stay connected with our caring professionals and develop lasting, meaningful relationships.

You Have All The Skills You Need To Succeed

We’re confident that you have the skills and capabilities needed to provide a safe and loving home for the children in your care. Let our team help you uncover your strengths and deepen your support network with our community connections.

Let’s walk with you and create a bright future

Open your home and your heart

For our Kinship Navigation team, passion is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our team works to help you create the safe space you’re comfortable with and willing to create. When you reach out to our team, we’ll focus on collaboration and developing your strengths, so you can work on building a brighter future together.